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Upgrade Course from Operator to Operator/Inspector in any Operator ESA Certifications Currently Held


This ESA-approved course is designed for personnel who wish to upgrade from operator to operator/inspector. It only needs to be taken once and should be taken during the re-certification of currently held operator certificates. E02b will add 3 days to the duration of the re-certification courses for currently held certificates.


The minimum time before this course can be applied for is 2 years after the initial operator (Cat 3) certificates were obtained. Once this criterion is met and E02b (upgrade) course attended and passed, in addition to the re-certification of current certificates, Cat 3 personnel will become Cat 2/3 (operator/inspector) in their current subjects. From that point on, when the next re-certification is required the attendee will be re-certified to the current level in the subjects held, i.e., Cat 2/3.


All necessary tools and equipment are supplied, although delegates are welcome to bring their own hand tools if desired.


Course aims

To upgrade from operator to operator/inspector at the time of scheduled operator re-certification.



In accordance with ESA-STR-258, an ESA approved, Category 2/3 Certificate, valid for 2 years, will be awarded on successful completion of the re-certifications and E02b upgrade course.


This is an upgrading course from operator to operator/inspector. For inspection-only course, please see E02a.


Experience and pre-requisites

Two years of operator certification required, at least in ECSS-Q-ST-70-61 standard.


Duration, schedule and fees

One time 3 days course duration additional to normal re-certification duration in the standards held. Please see the current Course Calendar for dates and fees




To renew certification as an operator/inspector for a further 2 years normal recertifications of subjects are applied for, without the need to add any additional time.

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