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Category 1 Certificate ESA Approved Instructor & Examiner Course


This ESA-approved course develops the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to fulfil the task of ESA Category 1 Instructor/Examiner as defined in ESA-STR-258.


Course aims

  • To review and understand the requirements of ESA-STR-258 and ECSS-ST-70
  • To develop instructional and demonstration skills
  • To develop theoretical knowledge of the processes to be taught which can include those covered in ECSS-Q-ST-70-61, ST-70-18, ST-70-26, ST-70-28 and ST-70-30


Course content

The course will provide an overview of the relevant ECSS standards, and of the associated ESA courses.


Instructional exercises will be included (allowance will be made for those whose native language is not English). 


Experience and pre-requisites

  • Possession of active ESA Category 2 and 3 operator/inspector certificates held for a minimum of 2 years, the latest certificate must have been issued by an ESA Certification Centre (like ASTA)
  • An ability to instruct, demonstrate and present
  • Close working relationship with shop-floor operators and inspectors
  • Minimum 2 years' experience as an in-house trainer.


Duration, schedule and fees

The course duration is 10 working days. Please refer to the current Course Calendar for dates and fees.



In accordance with ESA-STR-258 an ESA-approved Certificate, providing two years authorisation, will be awarded on successful completion of the course and approval from ESTEC.


Note: Category 1 certificates are only valid after being countersigned by ESA’s head of Technical Reliability and Quality Division TEC-QE


ASTA Technology will support the application for ESA’s signature, but the final decision to award a Category 1 certificate rests with ESA.


This will authorise the delegate to instruct and recertify personnel within their company that have obtained certificates originally awarded by an approved ESA Certification Centre.


For the avoidance of doubt, Category 1 personnel cannot certify any person within their company for the first time in any ECSS standard. That initial certification must be achieved in an ESA Certification Centre.


For restrictions, including those concerning the award of initial certifications, please refer to ESA-STR-258, available at this link:


Additional subjects can also be added after the initial Category 1 certification.



A 5-day recertification course E90 is available.  This renews up to three ECSS subjects listed on the Category 1 certificate for a further two years.


For more than three ECSS subjects, other recertification courses exist, which are often extending beyond five days. Please see the Course Calendar or contact us. 

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